Tree of Life

The ancestors and relatives of Ted and Verna (Bremer) Cash


Welcome to our family's genealogy. We have spent countless hours researching our family and where they came from. It's not complete, and never will be, but we wanted to share what we have found so far.

If your family connects to our family, please consider sending us an email and let us know if you have any additions (or corrections) to our shared information.  My email address is located at the bottom of every page.  By the way - as this is a public site, you won't (or shouldn't) find any information on any living person, except for mine and Verna's name.  If you do, please let us know.

Cash / Blackburn Family

Ted's father was Howard Cash and his family was from Scotland, England and Ireland. Recent surnames: Blackburn, Bell, Cash, Cornelius, Eddings, Faris / Phares, Foster, Jennings, Manning, Moffat / Moffett, Shepherd. Some of his ancestors came to America on the Mayflower.

Mortensen Family

Ted's mother was Lillian Mortensen and her father was from Denmark and her mother was from Norway. Scandinavian surnames changed every generation; Mortensen, for example, simply meant 'son of Morten'; daughters of Morten would have the last name of Mortendatter (sometimes Mortensen).  Norwegian's would follow that method but also would add the 'farm name' as either a suffix, or a surname. 

Bremer Family

Verna's father was Albert Bremer and his family was from the area around Hannover, Germany. Recent surnames: Bremer, Drangmeister, Heerhorst, Piepho and Seegers.

Hartwig Family

Verna's mother was Margaret Hartwig and her family was from the north western part of Germany, near Aurich. Recent surnames: Einfeld, Gronewold, Hartwig, Hoffman, Lottman, Maecken.

The in-laws

Leonard and Gilliam Families
One of our sons married a Daughter-in-law Leonard. Click on that link to explore that family in more depth.

Leone and Petrone Families
One of our sons married a Daughter-in-law Leone. Click on that link to explore that family in more depth.

Watson and Andersen Families
One of our grandsons married a Grand-daughter-in-law Watson. Click on that link to explore that family in more depth.

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